Part 6 - Existentialism in the Streets: The Extinction Rebellion (XR) Weather Report

The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism.
Part 6 - Existentialism in the Streets: The Extinction Rebellion (XR) Weather Report

"Creativity and rebellion are the progenitors of social evolution" - charlie777pt

1- Introduction - XR - Existentialism on the Street

"We're living in oppressive times. Sadly there's no other option than fighting even if that means being outlawed."- Anonymous Twitter about Free Assange

To finish this part I about the most influential existentialists, I will dedicate one post to the movement of Extinction Rebellion, reporting on the silent spreading movement, that works under the umbrella of "ecocide" as a self-suicidal cancer of the decaying representative democracy.
Repression and people abuse is the result of a democracy that has become the master illusion, so the alternative is a revolution that takes over of a class over a dominant one and awake people's action for a pacific revolution, with non violent passive resistance, until the machine is stopped and have to negotiate before it crumbles like a castle of sand.
Environmentalists have the primacy of word in the wrong-doings of the actual political system, that want to disrupt the system until it has no alternative but to sit down at the negotiation table, but this time not to create any commissions- to avoid solving the problems that they don't have any solutions- the public must supervise that the definitive measures to stop the burning the planet are being applied.
We need a revolution that can stop war guns of mass destruction, fake killing food, and chemical burning of the planet.

Photo: Lola Perrin, Oxford Circus Friday 19th Apr – Day 5 of International Rebellion

Big Corporations make money on people's environmental, psychological and physical disgrace, hidden in secrecy the "receipts" of its fake food, and about their pollution, generating a slow imperceptible death, that is getting more visible now.
Money is a powerfully addicting drug, that makes the disease of egoism and anti-solidarity, and like Platon showed the desire to possess things, can't be separated from power, competition, conflict, and discord opposing the individual to the collective and to the house of humanity.
There is a total failure in centralized politics to deal with the actions needed to avoid climate change, and even with the decentralized activism movements in the last decade.
The State can't escape anymore from the black cloud of corruption, in political and social changes, so Freedom is a function of our permanent vigilance of reality and of ourselves.

"When what was the truth is found to be lies, it kills perseverance and hope, creating total uncertainty in people." -charlie777pt

The general public has been brainwashed and they have thrown away their responsibility to act as the main stakeholders of Earth Inc because life is not only voting and obliterate our obligations as the gatekeepers of direct democracy that will replace the actual representative system.
When people read in the paper or in TV news, like in Portugal that we have 3200 new cases per year of asthma in children caused by air pollution people don't feel anything if they are not their kids, because love today is not anymore the love for mankind and forget that their children could be next.

“I think this is the first time, certainly since the direct action protests of the 1990s that there has been a mass campaign of non-violent direct action taking place all over the UK. So it’s a very exciting moment.” - A new member of the Edinburgh XR group

2- The Extinction Rebellion (XR) Weather Report

The position of the Extinction Rebellion's existentialist movement against ecocide seems to be an anchor point for people when they realize that the "powers" are discovering that this spacecraft of the universe has long surpassed the resources available for survival, since consumerist stupidity blinds people who do not realize that they are willing to participate in their own extinction.
This movement follows Gandhi's tradition of the nonviolent direct action movement, an example of forms of passive resistance that will only result, when people realize that there is a cause with the common goal of leaving a planet to our descendants.
The spiritual bond that can unite the people who have already found their being, in the wreckage of the present post-apocalyptic capitalist society, will be gathering them around the most pressing theme of humanity, save the planet.
Like Gandhi made to the UK empire collapse with social disruption, intermediated a lot of dead people and a blood bath, but finally, the empire had to negotiate and comply with the people's demands.

“It is impossible to exaggerate the awesome nature of the challenge we face: to determine, within the next few years, whether organized human society can survive in anything like its present form. Global warming is already a prime factor in destroying species at a rate not seen for 65 million years. There is no time to delay changing course radically to avert a major catastrophe. The activists of Extinction Rebellion are leading the way in confronting this immense challenge, with courage and integrity, an achievement of historic significance that must be amplified with urgency.” - Noam Chomsky, one of the most influential thinkers of our age, on Extinction Rebellion

The success of the XR is counting with 800 arrests on their targeted objectives and the Concert of Ecocide Saviors has begun, and it promises a glamorous success.
This movement is being managed like a decentralized Circus in a World tour to awake the self revolutionary consciousness of the people about the eminent ecocide and genocide.

Extinction Rebellion: a week of protest in three minutes

Extinction Rebellion is expecting that during the social disruption, a lot of people will be arrested until the system is bottlenecked when it reaches his total capability to detain people, or in the other end the logistic machine that maintains stocks will break, the all the system of profit of the rulers is obligated to negotiate before it implodes.
Rupert Read the spokesman from XR statement that, "Everyone knows our democracy is broken..." and only the people can fix it.
XR claims for a non violent discipline for direct action that respect the public and the police, using a civil resistance model that causing disruption day after day, until centralized structures sit down, talk and accept their imperative demands, that will be under the surveillance of the citizens for the first time, and avoid the sudden assassination of our mother Earth.
What I like in XR is that the movement without control of centralized structures, that have a quite organized model for expansion and scalability in the UK and internationally, by the pre-structural-thinking of what should be and do a headless self-organizing crowd, that do not want to fight to be in the parties and state - as the monks of centralization, authority and political domination of the citizens- , impaired of their sovereign rights.
I hate any puppet politicians in all the world, that talks with the mouth of the US master impositions (Trump denies global warming), like the UK and Europe, that obliterates the internal voice of any citizen in these countries, and in the international eco-politics decision making, that is in the hands of dirty profit based in destruction of people and the planet.

3- Extinction Rebellion (XR) by Roger Hallam

Roger Hallam, the main practical philosopher of the movement XR, says that the fundamental dogma before starting a protest about this issue, we have to understand that in the last decades this is not working at all, so it has to become bigger a spread until the general public gets involved with it, as it happened in Prague in 67 and in France in May 68.

Roger Hallam says that the movement is not interested in direct action to call the attention or lobbying the public, but to make them get involved, and find out that is not a normal centralized agenda that politicians can solve.

“People are sick of being told it’s enough to sign a petition when we’re faced with extinction.” - Ebury-Jones, Tom and Sommerlad, Joe (21 November 2018)

For me Roger Hallam is an existentialist living figure, an academic and philosopher of counter-ecocide, that has an existentialist approach, and wants to take it to the street to save all humanity, to leave a heritage for the next generations.
The movement must use some methods of old radical social intervention, by facilitating the consciousness in people of the dying representative democracy, that created the problem, and has no means or the political will to solve it now, because their money sponsors won't let them do it.
So, we have to get back to our rights and responsibility, in the old tradition we have to intervene to maintain what Hallam calls the "sanity of that society". The real proposition is to look at it in a different perspective of what he calls the "body of society" that creates a union with community bonds, tempered with love, where everybody is searching for mutual freedom and well-being of all the members of society.
If you really love your family, friends and all humanity, you will get involved, because he says "indifference is incompatible with Love".

This is the main moral principle, is a typical existentialist approach of political intervention, in the old fashion way, that the public is not an "innocent bystander", and love is the motor that will compel people to form indestructible knots of solidarity.
So it is justified to annoy the public with their problem, until they get aware of it, and remove the cork wall glasses they are wearing.
Every citizen under democracy have an obligation to mankind and the next generations to maintain the sustainability of our Spaceship Earth, that is running out resources, with the risk of becoming a dead planet drifting in space.

4 - Abstract and Conclusions

The main idea is to be united and act together in this collective problem, that centralized power is unable to solve.
We have to form a strong public opinion before the start of any successful revolution.
The thought and practice of the ethical philosophy of nonviolence is an alternative to war and conflict, and when the powers can't be challenged with violence or force, the only way is passive resistance in acts civil disobedience.
The passive resistance is characterized by non-co-operation, without any violent direct action, by a nonviolent behavior emotionally, in body language, or by psychological threatening.

Any social system where there is domination it is always expressed in violence as a result of an oppressing power structure restricting human rights or persecuting people.
Non-cooperation dealing with aggression or violent rules and orders, is a tough position that demands a lot of courage, adrenaline control, patience and commitment.
Nowadays the system is so powerful with military-police to deal with citizens, as they are terrorists, that any chance of success is a bet on the peaceful way than through armed or violent revolt and rebel uprisings, that in the end, will always reinforce the power and muscle of dominance.
The number of arrests in the UK is in 800 people at this moment of publishing

Summing up:

1 - A movement to be effective have to create a public disruption.
2 - Actions have to disturb the general public until they get aware, and they must rebel against the common problem.
3 - The passive resistance of non-violent direct action, will disrupt the system, that has no more alternatives but to sit down and talk.
4 - Governments will have to accept the demands, that will be scrutinized by the people

Join the movement as I did.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) : Wikipedia


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